Using Your Signature to Let the World Know - CyberGrandMa Rocks!

I recently had the privilege through a mutual philanthropic interest, Young Audiences of Rochester, to meet a self-proclaimed CyberGrandMa whose not so secret identity is really Rochester realtor, Esther Krakower. While Esther did not mention it at our meeting, her email signature says it all.

Esther's CyberTips link provides really interesting references and handy links to sites to help in everyday problems ranging from recycling your unused meds to researching your next vacation. You should take a look!

While Esther's signature is a valuable marketing tool for her business, it's not just about business and I assure you she doesn't type that in every time she writes a note. You don't have to be in business to get some mileage out of your signature. Your signature can be a valuable tool for things like raising awareness of your favorite philanthropic activities, businesses that you like to support (like MyGeekShopper;-) or letting your friends know you are "Now on Facebook". It can also be as simple as your name... (So in case you forget that, you have a place you can find it... I use my signature like this regularly!;-) Seriously, it's then one less thing you have to remember to do when sending email.

Many free email applications automatically brand your signature with their marketing information using you as an unwitting tool in their marketing. In most cases, you are not required to advertise for "the man." You can usually remove the advertisement by creating your own custom signature.

Most, if not all, email applications have a way to set up or edit the signature. It varies significantly in different Email applications. MyGeekShopper.comcan help you set it up using our live support feature. Or, if you prefer to figure it out on your own... just start to compose an email, click on the email Help icon (location varies), and search for "Create signature".