What are Computer Suppliers Trying to Slip Past Students and Parents

I got an advertisement today from one of the major computer vendors targeting students and parents preparing for school in the fall. I visited the sales site to find miraculous prices. I was pumped... See I need a new laptop.

So I started into the customizations and found, the only things I could customize were superfluous colors gadgets and overpriced accessories. Once I had configured my Laptop, I tried to figure out what I actually was buying. Buried on the page, I finally found a little plus sign that let me expand the specifications. Only on the verge of buying the PC and after invest 10 minutes in configuring things I really didn't care about, did I find that I was ordering the slowest of Intel® Core™ i-series processors. Blessedly, it was a 2nd generation, be careful folks even if it's an i3, i5, or i7, if it's not 2nd generation, then it's last years model. The price might still be good, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples (No trademark intended.)

Also, for those of you looking for "inexpensive", please don't be taken in for the Pentium® processors. That use to be good... Note the past tense. In all probability, your 5 year old laptop has a Pentium® processor. It might be all you can afford and in the right situation, it might be o.k., but be careful you know what you are buying.

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