Windows 10 Forcing Updates

About a week ago, I sent the following note to my customer list. Full article is in the works.

I have had several people call with problems with Windows 10 forcing an update on windows 7 machines. If you get a prompt to upgrade to Windows 10 that you can’t seem to close without upgrading, please call me. Hopefully, we can establish a remote session so I can try to figure out the escape route for this little bugger. There will be no charge for this service. It’s really not a good idea to do the upgrade without preparation unless you win ALL the time at casinos;-) We have had some smooth upgrades and you might get lucky, but if it goes bad, rebuilding your machine could be as much as $169… or a lot of your time.

That said, my current recommendation IS to upgrade to Windows 10 on PERSONAL COMPUTERS (in home for personal use), but you will want to make sure that you have a backup/copy of your applications installation files for all non-microsoft applications. We have been finding the upgrade in some instances uninstalls things and so far, I can’t figure out a pattern.

In addition, I recommend getting a Belarc report (it may also already be installed on your computer if I have been on your computer before.) This report will have a listing of your application license keys. I will be providing further information in a MyGeekShopper article that I am in the process of writing.

Most important, be patient… Do not interrupt the upgrade! It can leave things ½ completed and messy, messy, messy.

If you would like KBM Enterprises to do your updates I have two in-office services I am offering. They may take a day or two to complete.:

1. Upgrade in place on the current disk drive in the machine, $89.
2. Upgrade to a new drive (if we can). Cost of the drive +tax + $79.

I recommend #2 if your disk drive is 3+ years old or if you want to improve the machine with a new Solid State disk. There are other good reasons to choose this option that depend on the individual situation.

These prices are for updates from Window 7, or 8.1. If you are still at windows 8, add $25.

If you are a business customer, I will prepare a customized estimate for you based on the software that you have on your computers. Please be patient, but if you get in the catch-22 of Windows 10 forcing upgrade, call me.