Update Some More: Time Warner New Modem Policy... It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Buy

As I expected, Time Warner has at least been addressing the price/quality issues for the supported modem page and has added a few options. I still DO NOT recommend buying a modem if you have a working Time Warner modem. By working, I mean that you get reasonable speeds for your service level.

That said, I know this fee really irks some people so, if you are determined to buy a modem, here is my advice. In making the decision to buy or lease, consider the pay back period. Based on the current selection, KBM suggests either Motorola SB6141 available as of this writing at Amazon for $105 + shipping or the Zoom 5341J available at Amazon $72 + shipping. Your break even on these purchases is between 1.5 and 2.25 years. Understand, that this ties you to TW service if you really want to acheive the payback.

If you only have Standard service or less, then the lower price option of the Motorola SB5101U $55 at Newegg.com gives you a little over 1 year break even, however not only will you need to stay with TW to see a profit, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UPGRADE EVEN YOUR TW SERVICE WITHOUT PURCHASING ANOTHER MODEM.

You might say, "I've had Frontier. TW is the lesser of two evils." Let me just point out one more good reasons to bide your time with purchasing. It is not real clear how quickly Verizon might be coming along with their fiber optic network (FiOS) service. When they move into an area, they are a complete service competitor with Time Warner and they are very competitive if you have TV and/or phone service as well. Watch for the Verizon service in your area. As a matter of fact, take a minute to visit the Verizon page and enter your address and zipcode in their Availability App. (Tell your friends too.) Maybe if we let them know we are interested, they will get here sooner.

In the meantime, be an informed consumer. Check your bill for your current service level and check your speed periodically. If TW isn't delivering, hold their toes to the fire. Get them out to replace THEIR modem if it's not working right. Two can play this game. If you have any trouble with them, Friend or Follow us and for $10, click on the Live Support Online logo on the left at MyGeekShopper.com. We'll double check your speed with you and, if appropriate, get TW on a conference call and we'll talk to them together.

To Test Your Internet Speed
You can test your instantaneous speed at speedtest.net. For Standard the speed should be 10 MB or better download and 1 MB or better upload (usually written 10/1). For Turbo it should be 20/2. Extreme 30/5. Ultimate 50/5.

Test a few times. If you are getting slow results, try restarting all of your equipment starting with the modem.