Update: Time Warner New Modem Policy

Well, this is getting to be fun. One of my customers requested an update on our process to select a modem that KBM will support, so I thought I better get something out so you keep this off your list of things to worry about this holiday season.

Bottom line: While all the debris falls to earth from TW’s mishandling of this, don’t worry about this for a month or two at least. In the end, the $4/month, if it stays on our bills, will be a small price to pay while TW figures out what they are really doing. Long term, my guess is we’ll be owning our own modems, but until TW gets their act together regarding what they will be supporting and satisfies the authorities that they are not just going to take the money and not provide decent service, I think we are better off on hold. If you would like a little more detail and in some cases a good laugh, keep reading.

Aside… I can’t believe Comcast isn’t jumping into the area to sweep up the customers. Not that they are any better, but I am sure they are just as greedy and could steal into a good chunk of TW customers right now… Personally, I would greet them with open arms for a year to make TW think again.

It would seem lawyers are of the same opinion as I am, that while TW is perfectly within their rights to institute these fees, they really need to think it through more. Please see the following article (one of many that I have read that say the same thing).

Two Class Action Suits Filed Over Time Warner Cable Modem Rental Fee

Note they mention Comcast charges a larger fee, but remember, if you own your own modem… which we will one day, there is no fee with either company.

In addition, see MyGeekShopper 11-31-2012 which includes an unedited online chat with TW Support regarding clarification of their policy for people who have phone service with TWC. I still chuckle when I read it... It only took an hour of my time… really…, for their support to get the answer right. I can only image customers who don’t have Computer Science degrees are even more confused than TW support people;-)

If anyone else has documented experiences, please forward a link in a comment to MyGeekShopper. Thanks.

Have a happy Thanksgiving all!