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Windows 10 Forcing Updates

About a week ago, I sent the following note to my customer list. Full article is in the works.

Important Notice to Customers - Wndows 10 Upgrade

This notice was sent to KBM Enterprises, LLC customers 6/16/2015.

Hi… Excuse the bulk mail, but I need to get this out ASAP to everyone. I have been getting a lot of questions. People with only Apple computers can ignore this notice.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and have automatic updates turned on, you may have noticed an icon that popped up in the lower right-hand corner of your start bar. (Looks like a Windows logo with no color.)

Anne, Fix My Computer. The Page Doesn't Look Right!

I hate to tell people that they need to change to fix a problem, but sometimes it's the only answer I have. More and more I am finding the solution to rendering problems(techy for: the page doesn't look or work right) in one browser is to try another browser. People don't particularly like to change, I know that. Setting that aside, less often, but adding to the problem, I also find people don't even know what a "browser" is.

If You Sign In, Then Sign Out (A Little Bedtime Story for Information Consumers)

One of the easiest ways for someone to steal our information, accounts, and credit is for us to be stupid... ok, more politely, ignorant. Ignorant doesn't make you feel any better? Sorry, I think that captures it. But it's a popular ignorant evidently... I am talking about an ignorant that means "uneducated" on a particular issue, not ignorant as in "vulgar". The second easiest way to be exposed to information fraud is to be friends with someone who is ignorant.

Windows XP Machines After April 8, 2014 – Specific to KBM Customers, Friends, and Family

My most popular question of late "Should I be concerned about the security of my Windows XP after it goes unsupported by Microsoft, April 8, 2014?" For business users and home users alike, my response has been:

So What is With All These Pop-ups I’m Getting?

Voluntary Illiterate, can just read the bold, but don’t blame me if you miss something important. That's probably what got you here in the first place.

I almost hate to write this article since removing pop-ups has been pretty lucrative for me lately, but it's getting real boring, so maybe if I tell you how to fix the easy ones, you can get on to causing more challenging problems on your computers.;-)

Someone Told Me "Clear Your Cache (Cash)", Huh?

I once told one of my customers, "You need to clear your cache." and she said, "Anne, clearing cash has never been a problem for me!";-) It was then that I realized that this is not an average term and BTW, cache is the correct spelling. First, what is a cache when we are speaking Geek.

Update Some More: Time Warner New Modem Policy... It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Buy

As I expected, Time Warner has at least been addressing the price/quality issues for the supported modem page and has added a few options. I still DO NOT recommend buying a modem if you have a working Time Warner modem. By working, I mean that you get reasonable speeds for your service level.

Update: Time Warner New Modem Policy

Well, this is getting to be fun. One of my customers requested an update on our process to select a modem that KBM will support, so I thought I better get something out so you keep this off your list of things to worry about this holiday season.

Happy Holiday Virus All!

I received an email notice from one of my customers today resembling one of the many virus hoax emails that we all have received. You know the ones they usually begin with...

"Hi All,

I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus!
I checked Snopes , and it is for real. Get this E-mail message sent around
to your contacts ASAP.


You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any message with
an attachment entitled POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK , regardless of who sent it to you.

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