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Welcome to MyGeekShopper staffed by KBM Enterprises. If you are not a technical person and you need some help with your computer, you have come to the right place. KBM has been supporting business and in-home customers with ongoing support contracts for over 15 years. Now we are making it easier for customers who have an occasional questions or a short term need for support to take advantage of our remote support services. It's quick, it's easy, and it's documented. So you might find an answer to your question in our posts and not even need us. Feel free to search.

If you just want to bring your computer in for maintenance, there is no charge for an estimate.


Always for Students or Parents Purchasing for Students - No Charge for a Second Opinion

The major computer suppliers target students in the fall with their advertising and parents of graduating students in the spring. When you are buying for a student (who is not majoring in an engineering field), some simple rules of thumb for running Microsoft Operating Systems. Look for i3,i5,i7 Intel processors. For most students who want to surf and use media, you want i5 or i7 OR you should be sure it lists a graphics processor with separate video memory. Don't confuse video memory with system memory. A basic system memory configuration is 4GB with a bus speed of >1000 (e.g., DDR3 1333). This is usually listed in the title or short description of a computer. i3 or not Intel processor will be o.k. if there is a separate graphics processor and video memory. You (your student) will be happier longer with i5,i7 and/or the separate video memory. You will need to look in the details for this. Most o of the configuration under $600 will list "shared system memory" for the video details. In that case, you want more than basic system memory. You (or your student) will be happier longer with 6GB or 8GB... especially if it list "shared system memory" for the video. More is better up to about 16GB, but that's probably overkill for most student.

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Register or friend us, send us a link to the computer you are considering, use Most on-line store have a form to Email a configuration. Or set up an appointment and we'll get on-line with you to go shopping together.

Example Standard Services Pricing

In western New York state, we can be contracted to do set-up and on-site installation of your PC, printer, and network for $169 up to 50 miles from zip code 14626 (51-100 miles we'll add a $25 fuel fee, $15 for every 100 after that). This also includes MyGeekShopper Remote Support for 1 year. For new equipment installations we suggest shipping to our office and we will deliver the configured equipment to you.

Just in case you are a business owner. Business computer set up is $269. A business computer is generally distinguished by the need for special software such as accounting or network resources. If you just want the computer set up and secured and you plan on loading your own specialized software, likely you are just a home computer set up. Call and ask.